Expat Membership
with complimentary Medical, Dental, Overseas Travel,
Medical Advisory and Pre Paid Visa Card


MediSave Membership is designed so that members enjoy the best of both worlds: fully comprehensive medical, dental, and travel coverage, as well as annual savings with 10% tax-free interest on your money.

Rbi created the MediSave Membership program not only to create a medical savings environment and to reward those that don’t claim year upon year, but also to remove all the hassles usually associated with making small outpatient claims. We believe the MediSave membership has achieved this. Now, not only do you get to keep the money you don’t spend, you also earn interest on it. Individuals can save up to $1,300 + 10% tax-free pa. Couples can save up to $2,900 + 10% tax free pa. Families can save up to $5,300 + 10% tax free pa.

MediSave Membership Privileges Include:

Prepaid Visa Card1   In Patient Benefits   Out Patient Benefits   24x7 Clinic presented
by Hello Doctor
Dental Benefits 2
  Electronic Health Record
presented by Doctor Global
  Electronic Luggage
  Dental Benefits 3
Full Travel Benefits   Emergency Evacuation
  Concierge Travel Service      


The Rbi MedEssential Membership is designed for overseas medical insurance which provides protection for any inpatient, accident and medical emergencies that may occur whilst living and/or working overseas.

The cost of simple outpatient treatments do not warrant full annual coverage for many people, which is why we created the MedEssential inpatient and emergency benefits package. Furthermore, to enhance this package we also included a 24x7/365-day online clinic so that you can consult with a qualified medical doctor should you require advice about a particular medical ailment or medical facility.

MedEssential Expat Medical Insurance Privileges Include:

Prepaid Visa Card 1   In Patient Benefits   24x7 Clinic presented
by Hello Doctor
  Electronic Health
Record presented
by Doctor Global
Full Travel Benefits   Electronic Luggage
  Emergency Evacuation


1. The cash benefit is for the use of the member to pay out patient claims over the year of membership. If outpatient claims exceed this cash amount then the individual must claim as per our members’ handbook. Inpatient claims are settled directly with the hospital/care giver. All claims must be logged into the back-end of the doctor global system by the member at the time of the illness/injury. If the member does not use all, or any, of the cash on the card for outpatient claims over their year of membership then they are free to keep the money and use for whatever purposes they wish. The member will also receive a bonus of 10% interest on the balance they hold on the card after payment of medical outpatient bills.
2. This is for the short-term action to relieve oral pain. Up to US$500.
3. Upon completion of a dental check.